Past Work Life Legacy Award Supporters
Families and Work Institute is deeply grateful to all those who have made the Work Life Legacy Awards possible through…
How to Ask the Boss for Flex
Download Workflex: Employee Toolkit. This toolkit offers workers a blueprint for making workflex a reality in their careers, and it provides…
Reframe Poverty Fight to Include You!
A much needed reframing of a discussion that has gone on for more than 50 years. The issue was low-income…
Men and Work-Life Conflict
Key findings from The New Male Mystique: Men now experience more work-family conflict than women. This is especially true among…
Binge working
ARE YOU “BINGE” WORKING? THE QUESTION IS DEADLY SERIOUS. by Bob Sullivan / January 23, 2014        …
Huffington Post
war on poverty
WAR-ON-POVERTY DEBATE IGNORES EMPLOYER ROLE 01.15.2014 Ellen Galinsky, president of Families and Work Institute writes: When it is included, the…
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    www-award-logo-16-winThe most of effective employers in the United States provide everything from compressed workweeks to employee autonomy to paid time off to volunteers. Check out the best employers in your state here.