Survey: Workforce Feels Need to Stay Connected 24/7

By Kathleen Finato, senior vice president, InterCall

The recent economic downturn has American workers stressed, overworked and anxious, but many are turning to technology to help them cope. According to a survey released today by InterCall, the world’s largest conferencing and collaboration services provider, workers are using technology to stay connected (sometimes even secretly), work harder and maintain job security to survive the economic recovery.

InterCall today announced the results of a study looking at workforce productivity and collaboration issues. What they found was that technology has a direct tie to employee morale and with the upcoming summer travel season, workers don’t feel like they can unplug from work. InterCall’s study found that one third of the U.S. workforce feels they need to stay connected 24/7 and about one in four employees (24 percent) fear that if they don’t stay connected during their time off, they may be seen as less committed to their jobs.

Take note parents: Nearly one in two Americans (48 percent) who use technology in their everyday jobs say that they are now required to do more work with fewer resources due to the current economic climate. As an example, nearly one third (30 percent) feel that they need to stay connected to work 24/7, even during weekends, breaks or holidays. However, 72 percent say that advanced technology, such as conferencing and collaboration tools, enables them to work faster, better and improves their morale – because they see the company providing them with the right resources and tools to ‘do more with less.’  Here are some more detailed results of the survey:

  • The economic downturn is putting pressure on American workers: One in two American workers report being constantly required to do more with less, while one in three report that they’ve been doing the job of two people because of the impact of the economic recession on their company. These sentiments are even more pronounced among workers with children under 18 in their household.
  • Work is increasingly affecting American workers’ ability to enjoy their time away from work: One in two workers say that taking time off of work is increasingly challenging, while one in three workers say that they feel like they need to stay connected to their work 24/7. Gen Y and workers with children in their household are especially feeling the current tough conditions of the workplace.
  • American workers are feeling the anxieties associated with a lack of job security: A full quarter of respondents report feeling that their job security is partially dependent on their supervisor seeing them connected to work even after hours.
  • Technology is a great ally in tough economic times: The majority of American workers say that technology helps them be efficient and productive at work and that job morale/job satisfaction improves when their employers provide them with technology to help them do their job better and faster.
  • Men Are Sneakier – Men are twice as likely than women to conduct business from locations they choose not to disclose to their bosses, colleagues and customers.
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