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by Susan Newman /

A new study finds much to learn about how we divide chores and roles.

For most heterosexual couples, the partner with the larger paycheck contributes less at home. Not so in same-sex couples. Those in heterosexual marriages and partnerships may have something to learn from “modern families” and end up feeling  happier and less burdened.

The Families and Work Institute has released findings from a new study, “Modern Families: Same- and Different-Sex Couples Negotiating at Home.” The Institute looked at 225 dual-earner couples, married or living together for a minimum of a year. Some had children, some did not, but most worked over 40 hours per week.

“In the final analysis, the defining feature of satisfaction with family responsibilities may not be who does what, but who says what they want to do,” says Kenneth Matos, Ph.D., author of the study and senior director of research at the Institute.

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