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by Danielle Paquette / April 11, 2015

It’s too early to tell what issues will define Hillary Rodham Clinton’s second run for the presidency, which she’s expected to announce Sunday. But based on her recent speeches and longtime commitment to gender equality, it’s safe to say we’ll be hearing a lot in coming months about family-friendly policies — perhaps paid leave or universal pre-K.

Targeting parents is also smart politics. More than a third of voters during the last presidential election said they had children under 18, a CBS News exit poll found. The majority of Americans now support a law requiring paid family leave. Half back President Obama’s proposal for free tuition at community college.

Clinton has good reason to seek to harness the Parent Vote. It isn’t getting any easier to raise children in this country, and a lot of families are facing tough financial decisions.

Both parents are employed in six out of every 10 households with children, up from four out of 10 in 1968, a White House report from February shows. And work-life balance is becoming more important to dads.

Nearly 50 percent of working parents reported turning down a job offer because it wouldn’t be right for their families, according to the White House report. Only 27 percent of businesses surveyed by the Families and Work Institute for the National Study of Employers allowed most employees to set flexible hours.

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