Additional Workforce and Workplace Publications

The following publications are available for purchase by contacting FWI’s Publications Coordinator, Marline Griffith, at 212.465.2044.

  • As the Baby Boomers Age: Impacts and implications for employers (2001 – by Erin Brownfield) ($5.50)
  • Time Crunch: Work redesign and management in a 24-7 economy (2001 – by Erin Brownfield) ($5.50)
  • Lessons in Leadership: A book of quotes (2004 – compiled by Ellen Galinsky, Carol Bryce-Buchanan and Tyler Wigton) ($6.00)
  • Business Case for Employer Investment in Benefits Targeted to Low-Wage Workers (1999 – by Byrne Armiento) ($10.00)
  • Faces of the Low-Wage Workforce (1999 – by Monica C. Fountain) ($10.00)
  • Information for Employers about Low-Wage Employees from Low-Income Families (2003 – by James T. Bond) ($10.00)
  • Promising Practices: How employers improve their bottom lines by addressing the needs of lower-wage workers (2003 – by Stacy S. Kim, Marta Lopez and James T. Bond) ($10.00)
  • Reframing the Business Case for Work-Life Initiatives (1998 – by Ellen Galinsky and Arlene Johnson) ($15.00)
  • State Reference Guide to Work-Family Programs (1991 – by Michele Lord and Margaret King) ($15.00)
  • Time in Transition: Work, Family and Community in the Information Age (2001 – by Arlene Skolnick) ($15.00)
  • Ahead of the Curve: Why America’s leading employers are addressing the needs of new and expectant parents (1998 – by Rima Shore) ($25.00)
  • Beyond the Parental Leave Debate (1991 – by James T. Bond, Ellen Galinsky, Michele Lord, Graham L. Staines and Karen Brown) ($25.00)
  • The Changing Workforce: Highlights of the National Study, 1992 report (1993 – by Ellen Galinsky, James T. Bond and Dana E. Friedman) ($25.00)
  • The Family Friendly Employer: Examples from Europ (1992 – by Christine Hogg and Lisa Harker) ($25.00)
  • Moving from Programs to Culture Change: The next stage for the corporate work-family agenda (1996 – by Dana E. Friedman and Arlene A. Johnson) ($25.00)
  • Parental Leave and Productivity: Current research (1992 – by Dana E. Friedman, Ellen Galinsky and Veronica Plowden) ($25.00)
  • The 1997 National Study of the Changing Workforce (1998 – by James T. Bond, Ellen Galinsky and Jennifer Swanberg) ($29.00)
  • Juggling Family and Work – Part two of PBS documentary for individuals (1998 – produced by Cin Qua Non, Inc., James Levine and Edward W. Pitt) ($29.00)
  • College and University Reference Guide to Work-Family Programs (1996 – by Dana E. Friedman, Cathy Rimsky and Arlene Johnson) ($60.00)
  • Juggling Family and Work – Part two of PBS documentary for organizations (1998 – produced by Cin Qua Non, Inc., James Levine and Edward W. Pitt) ($99.00)

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