Professor and Baby Spark Work-Life Discussion

prof and babyWhen we approach work-life issues as just part of life and not insurmountable problems to be solved, things seem to go smoothly.

Witness, one professor whose decision to comfort a baby crying in his class allowed work and life to continue uninterrupted.

This from a Yahoo article this week:

Jerusalem professor Sydney Engelberg is inspiring joy and praise from parents all over the world this week due to his simple yet revolutionary gesture: holding a baby. It wasn’t just any baby, mind you, but that of a student in his class, and he held him during class, while lecturing a roomful of students. 

The situation unfolded when the baby of a student in Engelberg’s Hebrew University class — open to students’ kids by a matter of the professor’s policy — began to cry. Engelberg scooped him up into his arms to calm him, continuing on with his lecture on organizational management without missing a beat.

The professor has gotten work-life praise around the globe, and we can all learn a lesson from him.



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