Ten Smart Employers You May Not Know, But Should

www-award-logo-14-300x300They aren’t necessarily household names, but these ten employers are helping change the 1950s work model.

Today, Families and Work Institute (FWI) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) announced the winners of the When Work Works Award, and the top ten provide a blueprint for employers around the globe looking to make work work better for employees and employers.

Here’s an overview on some of what they’re doing:

1. Point B Inc. – Phoenix, AZ (Consulting)
Employees have control over the hours they work, and those who overwork receive a call from a manager who works with them to better manage their time or offer additional support.

2. Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education – Phoenix, AZ (Education Services)
Employees can work compressed workweeks, and flexible work schedules allow some employees to pursue non work related dreams, such as one employee starting a dance troupe.

3. Rose City Mortgage – Portland, OR (Finance)
Employees are offered unlimited paid time off (PTO) for any reason, and they can set their own schedules to help them manage work-life fit.

4. Springfield Nephrology Associates Inc. – Springfield, MO (Health Care, Social Assistance)
Employees are provided flex time to attend classes for those pursuing advanced degrees, and are coached by physicians to learn the clinical side. Leaders in varying areas must spend 80 hours a year learning about operations outside their job scope.

5. 5AM Solutions – Rockville, MD (Service-Professional, Scientific, Technical)
Employees work flexible hours so they’re able to avoid traffic, and they can work remotely 1 to 2 days a week. And managers hold weekly check in with employees to keep abreast of how they’re doing personally and professionally.

6. Architecture Technology Corporation – Minneapolis, MN (Service-Professional, Scientific, Technical)
Employees dealing with ailing loved ones can use an extended leave bank to take paid time off (PTO) or telecommuting options to handle care responsibilities. And software engineers choose the projects they want to work on.

7. Ultimate Staffing Services – Portland, OR (Business Support Services)
Employees are offered a 9/80 flexible schedule that enables them to work nine longer days in two weeks and have every other Friday off. And there are appreciation programs known as “shout outs,” which are company-wide pop-ups that recognize employees for doing great work.

8. Mantyla McReynolds LLC – Salt Lake City, UT (Finance)
Employees and their families get 100% paid health insurance premiums; are provided with regular wellness challenges; and there is a company cycling team. There is also intensive one-on-one mentoring and ongoing training and counseling to create opportunities for advancement.

9. Noble-Davis Consulting, Inc. – Solon, OH (Business Support Services)
Employees no longer receive employee evaluations and get coaching sessions instead with managers. They also have the option to work from home to deal with work-life issues.

10. CWS Inc. – Rochester, MN (Service-Professional, Scientific, Technical)
Employees can design their own job roles, work remotely and they’re able to prioritize daily tasks and enlist assistance to get work done thanks to 10-minute, rugby-huddle inspired “scrum” meetings every morning.


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