Breast Practices

breastfeedingWhen it comes to the 1950s work model, it may take some novel approaches if we want to create a workplace that fits today’s families. And we at Families and Work Institute are all about giving kudos to employers who think outside the box, or should I say, “think outside the breast,” when it comes to reinventing work.

This week’s standing ovation goes to IBM for doing something we never heard of an employer doing. (Clearly, we’d love to hear from you if you’ve seen this innovative idea before.)

The computer giant has launched a service that will ship breast milk for their female employees when they’re traveling for work.

This from an Aljazeera America article this week that quoted the Institute’s senior vice president Anne Weisberg:

The logistics of breast-feeding babies can be difficult, and hitting the road complicates the picture further. Being away from their babies means mothers have to find a place to store expressed milk and keep it cold enough to survive the trip home. Otherwise, they may have to “pump and dump” — discarding the milk they have pumped in order to keep their supply of milk flowing. Instead, IBM plans to organize a service for women to ship the breast milk back to their babies in temperature-controlled packaging whenever they travel for business.

It’s a unique idea that makes a lot of sense, and could potentially help women make the transition back to work much easier.

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