We Need a “Collective Caregiver” movement!

What we need is a movement that takes work-life fit out of the personal realm, and makes it a social issue. What we need is a collective caregiving movement.

Just in time for National Work & Family Month, Anne Weisberg, Families and Work Institute’s senior vice president, penned a thought-provoking piece on Medium.com in which she calls for a movement — one patterned after the successful marriage equality movement — to finally spur change in the workplace and make it truly “family friendly.”

marriage equalityHere’s an excerpt from her piece:

… the reality is that we all make choices about work and family within a certain cultural context: one which sees having children, and caregiving more broadly, as a personal, private matter — rather than something that is both a collective good and a collective responsibility.

Luckily, Millennials (and the rest of us) have a model of a successful culture-change movement right in front of us: marriage equality. In the past decade, Americans have drastically changed their attitudes about gay marriage in “the most significant, fastest shift in public opinion that we’ve seen in modern American politics,” according to Alex Lundry, a Republican political consultant who worked on Romney’s campaign.

Marriage equality offers a great model in two ways. For starters, same-sex couples are more likely medium caregiving movement 2than opposite-sex couples to share both routine child care and emergency care, according to Families and Work Institute’s most recent report, Modern Families. Because same-sex couples can’t default to gender norms, they are more likely to divide household and caregiving duties based on factors like preference and talent.

Read the full piece here.

Today is the first day of National Work & Family Month. We’ll be using the hashtage #WorkLifeWins to call attention to stories related to the topic. Be sure to follow us at @FWINews and also like us on Facebook.

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