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Families and Work Institute weekly media highlights.

Work-Life Integration:

Womenomics: A Bill of Goods or New World Order?

  • Laura P. Thomas discusses themes from Womenomics and how those themes play out in her life as a working mother and, as of recently, the sole breadwinner of her family. She mentions the CLC conference call with Katty Kay, Claire Shipman, and FWI held this past June and follows up with several of FWI’s findings related to traditional gender roles and how an increasing amount of men are struggling to find a work-life balance.

Employee Vacations Yield Significant ROI for Employers

  • This blog points out the many personal and professional benefits of employee vacations, including increased morale & productivity. FWI has found that 55% of workers who didn’t take all their vacation time experienced high levels of feeling overworked versus 27% who did.

Personal Awareness

  • On his blog, Peter Ainley highly encourages people to strive for true work-life balance and suggests several ways to do so. FWI research from 2002 reveals that 80% of college-educated employees of all ages reported a desire to work less, indicating that both men and women want to achieve more balance in their work and family lives.

Youth & Early Childhood Education:

New Bully Prevention Recommendations Released

  • Despite the fact that, according to the Department of Justice, 88% of teens have witnessed bullying, many do not realize that they have the power to stop such bullying if only they take action. This article encourages young children and teens to speak up and take action against bullying and also includes tips for parents who suspect that their child is being bullied and tips on how to approach a child about the subject.

Families and the Economy:

The Contradiction Of Empty Homes And Rising Apartment Vacancies

  • Despite increasing house foreclosures and evictions, apartment vacancies are at a 22 year high because, instead of paying to rent homes, parents are moving in with children and children are moving back home to live with their parents. According to a recent FWI study, 25% of 3,504 employed adults surveyed have children from 18-29 years old living at home at least half the time.
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