Where in the news is FWI?

This is the debut of a weekly series highlighting where Families and Work Institute appears in the national media.

Expecting Mothers:
The New Normal: Maternity Leave

  • This piece by ABC’s Good Morning America draws attention to current Maternity Leave policies in the United States and highlights the struggles of pregnant women throughout the workforce during the recession. Ellen Galinsky, President & Co-Founder of FWI, adds, “The issue for women these days is that they are increasingly important financial supporters of their family.”

It’s a recession baby!

  • Click to download the MP3 and read the text of this NPR Marketplace piece featuring Ellen Galinsky. While having a baby in the midst of a recession may seem like bad timing, Tamara Keith reports that it may actually be the perfect time. Ellen Galinsky agrees that “it’s a very clever decision…This country is increasingly becoming family centric. There is much more of an emphasis on children and families and being with them and taking good care of them than there has been before.”

Generations & Gender:
Can Women Save the Economy?

  • In The Daily Beast, Katty Kay and Claire Shipman discuss themes from their new book, Womenomics: Write Your Own Rules for Success, which has made it to No. 10 on the New York Times Bestseller list. They argue that women now have the power to change the workplace to fit the changing demands of their lives, and companies must comply because they need those women, and it is also more profitable to do so.

How Women Are Redefining Work and Success

  • This BusinessWeek article discusses the reality that “women are using their increased economic power to bring about more creative, manageable work schedules.” FWI’s Vice President Lois Backon points out,

“Reduced aspirations do not mean employees are not talented or good at what they do…Most do want to feel engaged by their jobs. But in focus groups they also say things like ‘I need to make these choices because my family is a priority’ or ‘I need to make these choices to make my life work.’ “

Gender and Generation at Work and at Home

  • Click here to listen to the pod cast of a recent KERA Public Radio interview with Ellen Galinsky where she discusses important findings from FWI’s study, “Times Are Changing: Gender and Generation at Work and At Home.”

Work & Fatherhood:
Let’s Hear it for Dads and Balance

  • Emily Allen references FWI’s “Times Are Changing: Gender and Generation At Work and At Home” to point out that the gap is narrowing for men and women’s work at home. Allen supports these findings and argues that men’s increasing role at home is not only positive for women but is also beneficial for children.

Work Life Legacy Award:
The Work Life Legacy of the Families and Work Institute

  • This piece by Judy Martin applauds FWI’s 20th anniversary and the annual Work Life Legacy Award dinner. Martin comments on the many shifts within the workplace that occurred as a result of 9/11, including widespread feelings of stress and overwork throughout the U.S. workforce. She praises FWI for being present, relevant, and “ahead of the curve” throughout those shifts and to this day.

Other interesting articles released in the last three weeks include:
•    Paid Parental Leave Helps Families and the Economy
•    A Place for Kids: InfoCision opens new child-care facility
•    What to Cut and What to Keep in Your Organization’s Benefits
•    How the recession is reshaping the American family
•    Can Men Have It All? What Happens When Men Put Family First?

Finally, stay tuned for FWI’s upcoming YouTube channel!

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