WORKING MOMS STILL TAKE ON BULK OF HOUSEHOLD CHORES by Kelley Holland / April 28, 2015 Ms. Magazine was first published in 1971, and the 44 intervening years have seen a seismic shift in the workplace, with the share of women working outside the home rising from 53 percent in 1970 to 71 percent in 2012. But you might not know it from the division of domestic labor, according to a new survey by the Working Mother Research Institute. Seventy-nine percent of working mothers today say they are responsible for doing the laundry, and moms are twice as likely as dads to handle the cooking, according to the survey of more than 1,000 working parents. Working dads do tend to pick up the outdoor chores, and moms and dads share bill-paying responsibilities—but working mothers handle most of the child care. There are some positive shifts taking place. For example, a Families and Work Institute study found that slightly more working men than working women provided elder care in the last five years. And research by the Georgetown University Law School found that the percentage of workers with flexible schedules more than doubled between 1985 and 2004.   To read the full article, click here.

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