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by Erick Schulzke  / December 2, 2015

Know a parent who needs help developing the brain of an infant or toddler? There’s a free app for that. It’s called Vroom, and it’s the brainchild of a team of scientists working with the Bezos Family Foundation.

Vroom is more than just a piece of software. The app is part of a larger Vroom effort to offer parents simple ideas to make better use of their time with their child.

It’s all part of broader effort to “turn everyday moments into brain building moments,” says Megan Wyatt, managing director for strategy and programs at the Bezos Family Foundation. And it’s based on cutting-edge science about how rapidly brains develop during the first few years of life — and how much hinges on getting it right.

Vroom reaches beyond language development to social, emotional and “executive function” skills. That last category includes memory, reasoning, flexibility, planning and problem solving. “Children who learn how to learn are the most likely to thrive,” Ellen Galinsky, president and co-founder of Families and Work Institute, said.

A leading author on early brain development, Galinsky has been a key player with Vroom from the outset, helping to coordinate and translate the science. “Children who learn how to learn are the most likely to thrive,” Galinsky said.

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