How To Ask Your Boss For Flexible Hours

workflex_employee_toolkitFamilies and Work Institute's Workflex Employee Toolkit is a free resource poviding a road map for asking for more flexibility at work so you can deal with work-life demands.

Go here to download the Toolkit.

Here’s an excerpt from the Toolkit:

Guidelines for Making a Workflex Request

As tempting as it may be to provide a personal reason for your request, it’s not a good idea. You may think
that your reason is perfectly valid, but what if your supervisor doesn’t agree? Instead, frame your workflex
request in a way that demonstrates your commitment to maintaining or improving your current level of
performance without disrupting the organization’s operational needs.

A request for a flexible work arrangement should reflect:

  • ƒA well thought out business case that considers the needs of the organization and your coworkers as well as your needs. (Think through how your work arrangement will affect your department or team and your ability to fulfill your obligations and have your department succeed.)
  • ƒA commitment to share the responsibility to make a flexible work arrangement successful.
  • ƒAn understanding that a flexible work arrangement is not an entitlement, but rather, another way of meeting organizational goals.
  • ƒA team attitude.

Think critically about how a flexible work arrangement will affect your department or team, your customers (internal or external) and your ability to meet performance goals. Your supervisor may be responsible for determining whether or not flexibility will work within your department or team, or the decision may rest with higher-level managers. He or she should be expected to evaluate your request based on how well the arrangement will help maintain (or improve) the department’s ability to meet its business needs.

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