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by Emily Peck / November 20, 2015

Parents need a real solution to the lack of affordable day care for kids.

Good child care is hard to find and even more difficult to afford in the U.S. And when asked, at a town hall meeting in Iowa Thursday, how he’d solve the problem as president, Donald Trump offered up a seductive, but grossly inadequate solution: More companies should offer on-site day care to their employees.

“You know it’s not expensive for a company to do it, you need one person or two people and you need some blocks, you need some swings, you need some toys,” he said. The GOP presidential frontrunner explained that he offers on-site care at two of his offices.

“They call them Trump Kids … Another one calls it Trumpateers. It’s cute … It’s something that can be done I think very easily by a company,” Trump said.

Putting aside the obvious (one hopes) fact that quality day care is more complicated than a couple of babysitters and some blocks and swings, company-provided care is something that simply doesn’t make sense for many employers for a host of reasons — including cost, employee demographics and logistics.

Indeed, only 2 percent of businesses in the U.S. currently provide on-site day care, according to a 2014 survey from the Families and Work Institute.


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