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by  Scott Behson / June 8, 2015

This Father’s Day, let’s take some time to recognize the challenge faced by busy involved dads who also care about their career success.

Virtually every working dad I know struggles with balancing the time and effort required to be a good financial provider with the time and effort needed to be a present, involved, loving father.

I certainly struggle. I bet you do, as well. There are only 24 hours in a day and we only have so much energy. We all deal with this work-family challenge in different ways — and it is never easy.

But we have struggled, seemingly alone, for too long. As a society, we don’t talk enough about the work-family challenges fathers confront, and we fail to recognize that so many dads are running themselves ragged to succeed both in their careers and in their families. A little support from employers, public policy and society would be nice.

It’s time that our most important life challenge — success in both our careers and in our families — is finally recognized as an important issue. It’s time that we, as fathers, start discussing our struggles. It’s time for some encouragement, information and advice for busy dads trying to succeed in our careers and as fathers.

Consider these six facts:

1.  This generation of fathers works as hard and for as many hours as prior generations. We face at least as many financial pressures and a world with less job and financial security than dads who have come before. The 2013 Pew Research Study found that, even with the rise of breadwinner moms and dual-income couples, fathers are the sole or primary providers for 85 percent of dual-parent households.

5.  50 percent of working dads say they find it very or somewhat difficult to balance work and family responsibilities. In fact, about two-thirds of fathers today report work-family conflict and stress. According to a recent Families & Work Institute survey, this is an even higher rate than reported by working moms!


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