by Lindsey Seavert / April 4, 2016

HASTINGS, Minn. – Krystal Johnson knew well plotted ambitions would change course after the arrival of her two young children, now ages 3 and 1.

But working as a full time deputy at the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office in Hastings, motherhood brought a move never imagined, after she struggled with an unfamiliar feeling of defeat.

“I’d be in tears some mornings dropping them off because I was working all the time and working late, and overtime and you get home quick in time to give them a bath and send them to bed,” said Johnson.

A 2011 study by the Families and Work Institute on workplace flexibility among professional employees that finds the majority (75%) of employed parents – professionals and non-professionals alike – feel they don’t have enough time to spend with their children. The study found Gen X and millennials are consistently more likely to report insufficient time to spend with their loved ones. Amongst professionals with children under 6 at home, younger employees are more likely to report they don’t have enough time to spend with their children than older professionals.

Deputy Krystal Johnson’s two roles can both still be exhausting, demanding, and unpredictable, but they are no longer in conflict. She knows she will return to working full time at some point when her kids are in school, but at this season of life, a deputy has found her peace.

“I was a cop. I was a deputy, I was doing my job, I was trying to do my best with keeping up with being a mom, but now I am truly a mom,” said Johnson.

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