Past Work Life Legacy Award Honorees



The titles and organizations of the past Work Life Legacy Award honorees reflect their titles and organizations at the time they received the award.

Sharon Allen (2007)
Chairman of the Board
Deloitte & Touche USA LLP

Lotte Bailyn, PhD (2005)
Professor of Management
Co-Director MIT Workplace Center
T Wilson (1953) Professor of Management, Emerita
MIT Sloan School of Management

Rosalind Chait Barnett, PhD (2013)
Senior Scientist, Women’s Studies Research Center
Brandeis University

Lisa Belkin (2013)
Senior Columnist
The Huffington Post

Cathy A. Benton (2008)
Chief Human Resources Officer
Alston & Bird LLP

Susan V. Berresford (2005)
The Ford Foundation

Jose A. Berrios (2011)
President, BTG: The Berrios Talent Group, LLC
Chair, Board of Directors, Society for Human Resource Management
Also accepted on behalf of the Society for Human Resource Management

Ellen Bravo (2013)
Executive Director
Family Values @ Work

T. Berry Brazelton, MD (2010)
Professor of Pediatrics, Emeritus
Harvard Medical School
Brazelton Touchpoints Center

Joy Bunson (2005)
Formerly Senior Vice President
Organizational Development
JPMorgan Chase

Michael J. Carey (2009)
Formerly Corporate Vice President
Human Resources
Johnson & Johnson

Lynette Chappell-Williams (2011)
Associate Vice President
Workforce Diversity and Inclusion
Cornell University

J.T. (Ted) Childs, Jr. (2004)
Principal, Ted Childs LLC
Formerly Vice President Global Workforce Diversity
IBM Corporation

Kathleen E. Christensen, PhD (2004)
Program Director Workplace, Workforce and Working Families Program
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Richard T. Clark (2010)
Chairman and CEO

Douglas R. Conant (2011)
President and Chief Executive Officer
Campbell Soup Company

Stephanie Coontz (2013)
Director of Research and Public Education, Council on Contemporary Families, University of Miami
Professor, The Evergreen State College

Kathleen C. D’Appolonia, PhD (2007)
Senior Vice President Manager, Corporate Recruiting and Employee Inclusion
The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

Carol Evans (2004)
President and CEO Working Mother Media

Dana E. Friedman, EdD (2005)
Project Director
Early Care and Education – Long Island
President, Women on the Job

Stewart D. Friedman, PhD (2013)
Practice Professor of Management
Director of the Work/Life Integration Project
The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

Stacey Gibson (2006)
Senior Director Work/Life and Diversity Programs
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Maryella M. Gockel (2008)
Flexibility Strategy Leader
Americas People Team
Ernst & Young LLP

Bradley K. Googins, PhD (2013)
Carroll School of Management
Boston College
Founder of Boston College Center for Work & Family

David Hamburg, MD (2006)
DeWitt Wallace Distinguished Scholar
Weill Medical College
Cornell University
President Emeritus, Carnegie Corporation of New York

Janet Hanson (2008)
Founder, 85 Broads
Founder and Chairman
Milestone Capital Management

Brad Harrington, EdD (2013)
Executive Director
Center for Work & Family
Associate Research Professor, Carroll School of Management
Boston College

Vice Admiral John C. Harvey Jr. (2008)
Director, Navy Staff
United States Navy

Sylvia Ann Hewlett, PhD (2013)
President and CEO
Center for Talent Innovation

Arlie Russell Hochschild, PhD (2014)
Professor Emerita of Sociology
University of California, Berkeley

Jerry A. Jacobs, PhD (2014)
Professor of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania
Founding President, Work and Family Research Network (WFRN)

Arlene A. Johnson (2013)
Co-founder, Livingston Citizen’s Institute and recent Mayor, Livingston NJ
Former Vice-President of WFD Consulting, Families and Work Institute, and Catalyst
Former Director of Workforce Research, The Conference Board

Chris C. Kjeldsen (2004) (presented to his family)
Formerly Vice President
Community & Workplace Programs
Johnson & Johnson

Donna M. Klein (2004)
President and CEO
Corporate Voices for Working Families

Ellen Ernst Kossek, PhD (2014)
Basil S. Turner Professor of Management
Krannert School of Management
Purdue University
Research Director, Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence

Ralph S. Larsen (2004)
Formerly Chairman and CEO
Johnson & Johnson

Kathleen M. Lingle (2007)
Alliance for Work-Life Progress/WorldatWork

Mark Loughridge (2005)
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
IBM Corporation

Shelley M. MacDermid, PhD (2006)
Associate Dean
College of Consumer and Family Sciences
Director, Center for Families
Purdue University

Randy MacDonald (2005)
Senior Vice President of Human Resources
IBM Corporation

Phyllis Moen PhD (2008)
McKnight Presidential Chair in Sociology
Department of Sociology
University of Minnesota

Anne Mulcahy (2006)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Xerox Corporation

Admiral Michael Mullen (2010)
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Accepted on behalf of the United States Armed Forces and their Families

Patricia M. Nazemetz (2006)
Vice President Human Resources
Xerox Corporation

Mary George Opperman (2011)
Vice President
Human Resources
Cornell University

Leslie A. Perlow, PhD (2012)
Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Leadership
Harvard Business School

Margaret M. Petruska (2007)
Senior Program Director
Children, Youth & Families Program
The Heinz Endowments

Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes, PhD (2007)
Principal Investigator, Sloan Work and Family Research Network
Co-Director, Center on Aging & Work/Workplace Flexibility
Boston College Graduate School of Social Work

Rhona Rapoport, PhD (2004)
Institute of Family and Environmental Research

Francene S. Rodgers (2004)
Founder and Chairman of the Board
WFD Consulting

Sue Shellenbarger (2005)
Senior Writer
The Wall Street Journal

Richard P. Shore, PhD (2008)
former Senior Extension Associate and Executive Director,
Institute for Labor Market Policies School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Cornell University

Anne-Marie Slaughter, JD, D.Phil (2012)
Bert G. Kerstetter ’66 University Professor of Politics and International Affairs
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
Princeton University

W. Stanton Smith (2007)
National Director
Next Generation Initiatives
Deloitte & Touche USA LLP

Deborah M. Stahl (2013)
Deborah Stahl Consulting Former Director, AT&T Family Care Development Fund

Evelyne S. Steward (2013)
Vice President
Global LifeWorks and Inclusion
Discovery Communications, LLC

Ambassador Randall L. Tobias (2004)
United States Global AIDS Coordinator

James S. Turley (2008)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Ernst & Young LLP

Barbara Wankoff (2010)
Director, Workplace Solutions

Sheila W. Wellington (2006)
Clinical Professor of Management
Leonard N. Stern School of Business
New York University
Formerly President, Catalyst Inc.

Joan C. Williams (2014)
Distinguished Professor of Law
UC Hastings Foundation Chair
Founding Director of the Center for WorkLife Law
UC Hastings College of Law

Faith Wohl (2005)
Formerly President
Child Care Action Campaign

Judy Woodruff (2006)
Special Correspondent, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
Former CNN Anchor

Laura J. Young (2012)
Vice President, Human Capital Management, Benefits and Wellness
Goldman, Sachs & Co.

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