Promising Practices: Supporting the Transition to Parenthood

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How Employers Are Supporting the Transition to Parenthood

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Accenture• Doubled maternity leave to 16 weeks paid for U.S. full- and part-time

• Up to 8 weeks of paid parental leave after the birth or adoption of a new child for other primary caregivers

• Amount of paid leave for secondary caregivers also enhanced (though not specified)

• Other supports for parents include up to 40 hours of back-up child care per year, and an extensive library of community-based programs and resources
Accenture Increases U.S. Paid Maternity Leave to 16 Weeks
News Release | March 12, 2015
Accenture• No Travel: Primary caregivers can work locally for the first year after returning from parental leave

• Free shipping of breast milk

• Increased company sponsored back up child care
Accenture Benefits Designed to Help Working Parents Be Successful
News Release | August 27, 2015
Amazon• Birth mothers can take 4 weeks of paid leave before the birth of the child and 10 weeks of paid leave after

• New parents (biological or adoptive) can also take an additional six weeks of paid parental leave if they have worked at the company for a year

• First time Amazon has offered paid leave to new dads
Amazon’s Parental Leave: The New Free Soda?
TIME | November 3, 2015
Goldman Sachs• Increase paid paternity leave/leave for non-primary parents from two to four weeks in the first year after child’s birth

• 16 weeks of paid maternity leave

• Same-sex partners are eligible for the bank’s parenting leave policies
Goldman Sachs is making new dads' lives way easier
FORTUNE | June 1, 2015
IBM• Pays for new moms to ship milk home, and coordinates the whole program through technology that employees can download to their smartphonesIBM will make it easy for new moms to ship home breast milk for free while traveling
Washington Post | July 13, 2015
KKR• Will fly a child and caretaker, provide a hotel room and pay for meals on business trips until the baby’s first birthday

• Increased paid leave for primary caregivers -- including employees who adopt or use a surrogate –from 12 to 16 weeks

• Increased paid leave for non-primary caregivers from 5 to 10 days

• Started a “transition support” program to reintegrate new parents returning from leave
Wall Street’s Gilded Maternity Perk: Nannies Fly Free
Bloomberg | August 13, 2015

Wall Street’s latest perk for new moms: Flying nannies
FORTUNE | August 13, 2015
Maersk Group• Global guaranteed minimum of 18 weeks maternity leave on full pay for all employees

• Phased reintegration with opportunity to work 20% less hours at full contractual pay within the first year of childbirth or adoption for up to six months after returning to work - for onshore employees
Maersk Group introduces improved maternity benefits worldwide
News Release | January 14, 2016
Nestlé• Global Maternity Protection Policy establishing minimum standards that must be implemented by 2018

• Minimum of 14 weeks paid parental leave and the right to extend up to six months—for all primary caregivers of newborns, including male employees and adoptive parents

• Employment protection, flexible working arrangements and guaranteed access to breastfeeding rooms
Nestlé launches Maternity Protection Policy for employees worldwide
News Release | June 26, 2015
Spotify• 6 months fully paid leave for full-time employees

• Can be taken all at once or split into three segments

• Can be taken at any time before the baby’s third birthday

• Retroactively available to any employees with the company since 2013

• Includes one-month “Welcome Back” period when employee can work from home, go part-time, or create a flexible schedule.

• All parents, including those who adopt or use a surrogate, are eligible
Work/Family Balance at Spotify
News Release | November 19, 2015
Twitter• Lactating employees can ship breast milk home while on business travel

• Company provides cold-shipping materials that employees can bring with them or have sent directly to their hotel
Exclusive: Twitter’s new perk for working moms? Free breast milk deliveries.
FORTUNE | September 1, 2015
Vodafone• Mandatory minimum global policy of 16 weeks fully paid maternity leave

• Full pay for a 30-hour week for the first 6 months after return to work
Vodafone pioneers global maternity policy across 30 countries
News Release | March 6, 2015

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