Workforce Research: National Study of the Changing Workforce

The Elder Care Study: Everyday Realities and Wishes for ChangePublished in 2010

by Kerstin Aumann, Ellen Galinsky, Kelly Sakai, Melissa Brown and James T. Bond

Workplace Flexibility Among Small EmployersPublished in 2010

by Ellen Galinsky, Kelly Sakai and Tyler Wigton

Time and Workplace FlexibilityPublished in 2010

by Chiung-Ya Tang, PhD and Shelley MacDermid, PhD

The State of Health in the American Workforce: Does Having an Effective Workplace Matter?Published in 2009

by Kerstin Aumann and Ellen Galinsky

Times Are Changing: Gender and Generation at Work and at HomePublished in 2009

by Ellen Galinsky, Kerstin Aumann and James T. Bond

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