Workforce Research: National Study of the Changing Workforce

Workplace Flexibility Among Small EmployersPublished in 2010

by Ellen Galinsky, Kelly Sakai and Tyler Wigton

The Elder Care Study: Everyday Realities and Wishes for ChangePublished in 2010

by Kerstin Aumann, Ellen Galinsky, Kelly Sakai, Melissa Brown and James T. Bond

Time and Workplace FlexibilityPublished in 2010

by Chiung-Ya Tang, PhD and Shelley MacDermid, PhD

Times Are Changing: Gender and Generation at Work and at HomePublished in 2009

by Ellen Galinsky, Kerstin Aumann and James T. Bond

The State of Health in the American Workforce: Does Having an Effective Workplace Matter?Published in 2009

by Kerstin Aumann and Ellen Galinsky