The Older Adult Caregiver Study

oacs-cov-282x365Although many see caregiving responsibilities as the domain of women, it turns out slightly more working men than working women provided some sort of elder care in the last five years, according to The Older Adult Caregiver Study. This study—released in March 2015—provides a snapshot of the caregiving issues facing both working and non-working individuals.

It found that two-thirds (66%) of family caregivers reported being employed while providing care in the past five years; and, among those providing care, 51% were men and 49% were women.

Overall, including those who are employed and unemployed, more women in the study (65%) provided care than men (56%), but the percentage of caregivers who are working is slightly more male in this study.

The study, which surveyed 1,050 U.S. adults and was sponsored by Abbott, found that respondents employed full-time reported a median of:

  • 16 hours per week providing hands-on older adult care (i.e., housework, meal preparation, physical care and transportation); and
  • 6 hours per week performing other, indirect responsibilities (i.e., arranging services and providing assistance with finances).

Unfortunately, employees don’t readily turn to their employers for help when family caregiving becomes too onerous. Most respondents would turn to health care professionals, family or friends for information about how to provide elder care (71% elder’s doctor or health care professional, 52% caregiver’s doctor or health care professional, and 50% family or friends), but few would turn to their place of work (7% HR department, 7% Employee Assistance Program, and 6% coworkers/supervisors).

Click here for a free download of the full report. And click here to view the press release for this study.

To view the infographics based on the study, click here.

Also, read our blog written by the main researcher of the study who is also a caregiver to his parents.



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