by Rowan Moore Gerety / March 28, 2016

Both Wanda Gomez’s sons thought the warm weather made it clear where they needed to spend a balmy afternoon last week. “They said, today’s a pool day, but like, we cannot go to pool, because…I have to work,” Gomez says. Such is spring break for a working single mother.

Gomez does voter registration work for The New Florida Majority and she brings her sons with her on the job. Today, Jose and Omar are killing time on the swing set at Roberto Clemente Park in Wynwood, the 5-year-old i Omar twisting the swing in knots until he spins himself dizzy.

According to a national study by the Families and Work Institute, fewer than one in 10 American companies offer some form of subsidized child care, either through vouchers or day care at the workplace. Many families also take advantage of tax breaks on childcare spending, but affluent workers are far more likely to benefit. Most lower-paying jobs lack childcare benefits of any kind.

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