New Beginnings for Families and Work Institute

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

At Families and Work Institute (FWI), we aim to be ahead of the curve, so as our 25th Anniversary approached in 2014, I began to think about how best to preserve our legacy and position our work to thrive in the years to come.

Most people think about succession as the perpetuation of an organization, but I have been thinking about the perpetuation of our work and came to the conclusion that we needed a different approach.

From a place of strength, we are taking the bold move to divide the organization into two parts: our workforce/workplace work and children’s work, including Mind in the Making. As much as I believe in a two-generational approach — that adult and children’s issues are inextricably connected — that is not the way the external environment

FWI Reports

Workflex and Managers Guide: Setting You and Your Team Up for Success



This very latest When Work Works report is the go-to-guide for managers, offering tips and practical advice about managing performance and flexibility. It includes quotes from managers who participated in the 2015-2016 When Work Works Award cycle who are using flexibility to enhance outcomes for themselves, their staff and their organizations. Click here to download the Guide.

Upcoming Events

Attracting and Retaining Talent in Health Care: Building an Effective Workplace – 2016 SHRM Annual Preconference Session Panelists include 2016 When Work Works Award Winners, 6/18 – Washington, DC

2016 Work and Family Researchers Network Conference Practitioner Day Symposium Telework: Surprising Trends, Innovative Practices Tyler Wigton, Presenter, 6/23 – Washington, DC


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