The Workflex Pitch & Small Businesses

small bizWorkflex is a slam dunk when it comes to creating an effective workplace. Most managers realize this; but, for the folks who run smaller organizations or small divisions within larger companies, implementing flexible work programs can feel like more work than benefit. For others, changing strategies they believe have been successful for a long while can appear counterproductive.

Small business owners, in particular, have enough on their plates running operations, so putting in the work needed to create a flexible workplace may not be a top priority. Even with a strong business case, how do workflex supporters convince entrepreneurs, senior leaders and team managers to embrace changes that will ultimately help them and boost the bottom line?

It’s time to rethink how you make the pitch!


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Workflex and Telework Guide: Everyone’s Guide to Working Anywhere

This latest Guide from the When Work Works series offers practical tips and advice for HR professionals, managers and employees to ensure telework is implemented effectively. Click here to read more and download the Guide.

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