Paid Time Off, Vacations, Sick Days and Short-Term Caregiving in the U.S.


What’s the State of Paid Leave in the
United States?

Paid Time Off, Vacations, Sick Days and Short-Term Caregiving in the United States: 2014 National Study of Employers sheds light on what’s happening. This supplemental report is based on research from the most comprehensive ongoing study of employers with 50 or more employees—conducted by Families and Work Institute (FWI) and released in partnership with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)—looking at employer programs, policies and practices for supporting employees’ work and personal lives.

Overall, three major findings emerged from a review of current paid leave options:

  1. A greater proportion of nonprofits offer sick days and tend to offer more sick days than for-profit organizations.
  2. A majority of employers offer paid leave to their full-time employees, but no more than one third of employers offer paid leave to their part-time employees.
  3. Since 2012, fewer employers are offering at least five days to care for a mildly ill child.

Download the full report here, or click here to see the press release. Also read our blog post analysis on the findings here.

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