Families and Work Institute

Families and Work Institute (FWI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing research for living in today’s changing workplace, changing family, and changing community.

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Founded in 1989, the Families and Work Institute practices civic science in addressing the most pressing problems in work life, family life, and children’s/adolescents’ development.

Mission: Research to live, work, and learn by.

Our mission is research to live, work and learn by.

Our very reason for being is to conduct research that leads to action. We are unique among organizations—both academic and nonprofit—in five ways:

  1. Whereas other organizations tend to be focused on one or a few specific topics, we take a broad, cohesive life-cycle approach.
  2. Whereas other organizations tend to focus on individuals as the subjects of their research or engagement efforts, we see them as co-creators, using a civic science approach.
  3. Whereas other organizations tend to focus on individuals or on the context in which individuals live, we take an ecological approach, looking at individuals in terms of where they live, go to school, and work.
  4. Whereas other organizations tend to be either focused on conducting research or advocating for changes, we are a research organization that works to ensure that the rigorous findings from our studies can or do lead to action.
  5. Whereas other organizations that focus on action tend to stop there, we additionally work to ensure that our action projects are change experiments—evaluated by research and then improved.

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